Top 5 Best Cricket Games for Mac 2023

If you are a cricket enthusiast and find yourself unable to play the sport on the ground for any reason, playing on your laptop is an excellent alternative to satisfy your passion.

With their immersive graphics, realistic gameplay, and extensive features, cricket games for Mac have become an excellent avenue to embrace the sport’s spirit.

In this article, we will explore some of the best cricket games for Mac, designed to deliver an authentic and immersive cricketing experience right at your fingertips.

These games offer a range of options, from fast-paced arcade-style matches to highly realistic simulations, allowing you to choose the gameplay that suits your preferences.

Best Cricket Games for Mac

1. EA Sports Cricket 2005

EA Sports Cricket 2005 is a highly acclaimed cricket video game developed by HB Studios and published by EA Sports. Released in 2005, it quickly gained popularity among cricket enthusiasts for its immersive gameplay and realistic portrayal of the sport.

With licenses from various cricket boards, including the English Cricket Board and the Cricket Australia, EA Sports Cricket 2005 features authentic team names, player likenesses, and official stadiums, enhancing the game’s realism.

In EA Sports Cricket 2005, players can participate in various game modes, such as Test Matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and limited-overs tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The gameplay itself is intuitive and engaging.

  • Players can control batting, bowling, and fielding actions, immersing themselves in the on-field action.
  • Batting requires precise timing and shot selection, while bowling involves mastering different deliveries to deceive the batsmen.
  • Fielding requires quick reflexes and strategic positioning to take catches, run-outs, and stumpings.

EA Sports Cricket 2005 also offers multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to compete against friends or other cricket enthusiasts online. This feature enhances the game’s replay-ability, as players can challenge each other in exciting matches and experience the thrill of multiplayer cricket battles.

2. Cricket 3D

Cricket 3D is an immersive cricket game designed for Mac computers. With its stunning 3D graphics and realistic gameplay, Cricket 3D brings the excitement and challenges of cricket to life on your Mac.

In this game,

  • You can choose from a variety of game modes, including quick matches, tournaments, and challenges.
  • Whether you prefer a quick one-on-one match or want to participate in a thrilling tournament, the game provides diverse options to cater to your preferences.
  • The game offers a range of international teams to choose from, allowing you to play as your favorite cricketing nation.
  • You can control and guide your team through the game, strategizing and making decisions to outperform the opposition and secure victory.

With its advanced physics engine, Cricket 3D replicates the realistic movements and behaviors of the cricket ball and players. You can experience the thrill of hitting powerful shots, executing precise bowling deliveries, and taking stunning catches on the field.

3. Cricket Captain 2021

Cricket Captain 2021 is a popular cricket simulation game available for Mac computers. It provides cricket enthusiasts with an immersive and strategic gaming experience, allowing them to take on the role of a cricket team manager and lead their team to success.

As a player, you’ll have control over various aspects of the game.

  • You can select the team, determine the batting order, devise bowling strategies, and set fielding placements.
  • Each decision you make directly affects the outcome of matches, making strategic thinking and planning crucial to success.
  • The game features a realistic database of players with accurate statistics, allowing players to scout new talent, negotiate contracts, and customize player attributes.
  • With the ability to participate in domestic leagues, international competitions, and bilateral series, there are plenty of opportunities for competitive gameplay.

Cricket Captain 2021 offers an immersive experience, including ball-by-ball match simulation, real-time statistics, and realistic features like weather conditions, pitch variations, and player injuries. The game also provides comprehensive statistical analysis tools for reviewing team and player performance.

4. International Test Cricket

International Test Cricket delivers a comprehensive cricket experience on the Mac platform. Developed by a dedicated team of cricket enthusiasts, the game aims to provide an authentic representation of the sport.

In this game, players can take on the role of a national cricket team manager and lead their team to victory in test matches against international opponents. The game offers a wide range of features and gameplay options, allowing players to customize their team, select playing XI, and make strategic decisions on the field.

The game provides a realistic cricketing experience with detailed match simulation, player statistics, and in-depth gameplay mechanics. Players can control batting, bowling, and fielding actions, making tactical decisions based on the match situation. They can also manage player injuries, form, and team selection to optimize performance.

Additionally, “International Test Cricket” offers various game modes, including single-player tournaments, multi-team tournaments, and multiplayer matches, providing hours of entertainment for cricket enthusiasts.

5. Ashes Cricket 2009

Ashes Cricket 2009 is a cricket video game that brings the intense rivalry of the Ashes series to your Mac. Developed by Transmission Games, the game allows players to take part in the iconic Ashes cricket tournament between England and Australia.

With realistic graphics and gameplay, it offers an immersive cricketing experience. Players can choose their favorite team, compete in various game modes, and relive historic Ashes moments.

Whether you’re batting, bowling, or fielding, “Ashes Cricket 2009” captures the excitement of the Ashes series, allowing you to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of cricket on your Mac.


Mac users who are passionate about cricket have a variety of options when it comes to cricket games.

No matter which cricket game you choose for your Mac, you can expect hours of entertainment, immersive gameplay, and the chance to experience the excitement and thrill of cricket right from the comfort of your computer.

So, grab your virtual bat and ball, and get ready to experience the joy of cricket on your Mac!

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